Oil Burner and Wax Melt Care.

Some hints and tips about looking after your oil burner and enjoying our lovely wax melts.


Like our candles any oil burner should be placed on a level, heat resistant surface out of the reach of children and pets.

As a tea light is needed to melt the wax. Once the candle has been lit and placed in the burner do not touch it as the burner can become hot. The oil burner should never be left unattended or lit for more than 3 hours at a time.

Replacing the Wax and Cleaning the Oil Burner.

There are many ways to clean the wax out of your oil burner, but the safest and easiest way to remove your old wax is to wait until the wax has completely cooled and returned to a solid state. Then put a tea light in the wax burner to gently heat the wax for 30 seconds. Blow out the tea light, then with some kitchen roll to scoop the wax out in one piece and but in the bin. Please don’t try to pour the wax down the sink or flush it down the loo to prevent blockages.

After disposing of the wax if you wanted to wash your burner all you need is warm soapy water.

Please do not do any of the following.

You should never use any blunt object to try to scrap out the wax as this could damage or break your burner.
Some methods for cleaning your burner suggest putting it in the freezer. This is not advisable for a hot burner, as this can crack and damage it.
Please do not use cotton balls or kitchen role to empty the hot melted wax as this could result in you burning yourself.

Before placing a new fragrance into the burner you should inspect the burner for any damage. If the burner is damaged do not use it.
Always clean out any old wax out before changing fragrance, to prevent the old fragrance mixing with the new fragrance.

How often should you change the wax?

In our bar there are 18 wax melt cubes which produce an overall met time of 60 hours. We would recommend that you change your wax melt every 3-4 hours for 1 wax melt cube. For more than one cube change the wax melt when they no longer have any smell. You can use more than one wax melt cube for a stronger fragrance throw or if being used in a larger room.

We hope you found this guide useful and enjoy your Pintail Candles Wax Melts