How to get the most out of your reed diffuser

With the right care our fine fragranced reed diffusers last over 6 months. We’ve put together this little guide so that you can get a lasting fragrance throughout your home.


Place your diffuser somewhere that you walk past regularly. The air circulating as you walk by will lift the fragrance from the reeds into the room. However, draughts should be avoid to prevent the oil evaporating too quickly.

The diffuser should be placed on a coaster as oils can damage polished or painted surfaces.

Do not place the diffuser near heat sources, such as radiators or in direct sunlight. Heat can make the oil evaporate quicker.

Place on a high shelf out of reach from children and pets.

Set up & Care

After removing the cap, place the reeds in the diffuser. For a lighter fragrance, often needed in small rooms, use less reeds than the amount supplied. If you prefer a powerful fragrance use all 8 reeds provided.

To boost the fragrance you can flip the reeds regularly. Take care to protect yourself and the surface the diffuser is on. Wear protective gloves and wipe up any spills immediately. Ensure the bottle is clean before placing back on the surface.


We also sell refill oils and reeds so you can reuse the diffuser bottle once the reeds have soaked up all the fragrance oil.

Before decanting the new oil make sure your bottle is clean and free from dust and debris. Please take extra care to protect yourself and surfaces when refilling your diffusers.

If you do not wish to reuse your diffuser bottle please rinse and place it in your household recycling.

We hope you found this guide useful and enjoy your Pintail Candles reed diffusers.