Our Candles

We are master candle makers who have been making beautiful candles for 30 years

Every candle we make is individually hand poured in the traditional way and they are crafted in our Lake District workshop.

We source all our ingredients as close to home as we can. Even our cotton wicks and candle tins are made in the UK.

Our candle tins are made from tinplate which contains some recycled material, and the candle tins are 100% recyclable.

Our waxes are a blend of mineral and vegetable waxes, created especially for a container candle. It ensures that our candles burn nicely, and have a lovely smooth finish with wonderful deep, rich colours.

The wax is of food grade quality like the wax used to wrap artisan cheeses. It does not contain palm oil or any other nut ingredients.

Blended with our exclusive fine fragrances, our candles give a great fragrance throw, all the way to the very end of the candle burn.

And finally, our candles, wax melts and diffusers are all vegan friendly as they do not contain any animal products.