Recycle and Upcycle

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Recycle and Upcycle

With summer on its way and the weather hopefully getting warmer we have come up with some ways you can recycle your candle tins.

Did you know that our tins contain some recyclable materials, and they can be 100% recycled. While this is awesome, why not upcycle the tins and make something beautiful out of them? We have scoured the internet for some amazing and safe projects that are suitable for both adults and children (with adult supervision).

Please make sure to clean any remaining wax out into the bin before doing anything with the candle tins.

Our tins make for great plant pots for succulents as they need a container that is 10% larger in diameter than the width of the succulent. This means you can fit a variety of sizes succulents into our tins. Just make sure to put drainage holes into the bottom of the tins to keep your plants happy. The picture above is from a customer that did the same thing.

Bird Feeders
Filing your tins with bird feed and attaching them to a tree, or hanging them from a branch would make great bird feeders. A fun fact is that birds see same three primary colours as we do: red, green and blue. However, unlike us, birds can also see ultraviolet light meaning that they can perceive colour contrasts which are invisible to us.

Wind Chimes
A great activity for children, that use both the candle tin and lids. Paint, glue and decorate the tins and lids before making holes in them to thread a piece of string or rope through, to hang them outside.

Tin People or Dog
If you want a challenge save your tins until you have enough to make a tin person or your favourite pet. Collect any and all tins, candle tins, food tins, pop tins and assemble them to make a tin sculpture. This would be an amazing long term project that you could do with your friends, family or children over the summer and make an eye catching garden ornament.

We hope this has inspired you to create and recycle.

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