New Muguet & Magnolia

Muguet & Magnolia Triple Wick Candle

Muguet & Magnolia New For 2023

We are all looking forward to warmer, sunny days but don’t forget about the fabulous candles.

Muguet & Magnolia

This spring, floral fragrance features the bell flowers of Muguet, also known as lily of the valley. The flower is associated with bringing good luck and eternal happiness and is given to friends and loved ones especially in the month of May. In mythology, it is said that the ancient god Apollo created muguet so his nine barefooted nymphs had a soft and fragrant carpet on which to walk.

With such a rich tradition to live up to, this new fragrance does not disappoint. It presents a scented bouquet of freshly picked lily of the valley infused with green notes of spring leaves and sharp apples. Light lemony tones are sprinkled throughout the fragrance entwined with exotic ylang ylang and a delicate, slightly fruity, magnolia.

This new enchanting fragrance is available in three of our ranges. The popular Paint Pots, the terrific Triple Wicks and the charming Coordinates.

All of our candles are hand poured in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside using traditional techniques.

We hope you enjoy the new fragrance by Pintail Candles.

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